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Our Grade 5B class decided to give back to people in need by raising money before Christmas.  We chose to support 2 different charities:  World Wildlife Federation and Plan Canada.  In total, we raised $75 for WWF and $110 for Plan Canada.  

Miss B matched donations so that we could adopt 2 animals from WWF and purchase 6 “Gifts of Hope” from Plan Canada.  After a lot of class discussions, we decided to adopt The Kermode Bear and The Bald Eagle.  We chose these endangered animals because they can both be found in Canada and the Eagle is our school mascot.  The 6 “Gifts of Hope” we bought from Plan Canada were Girl Power, Power of Play, Newborn Check-up, Bed Nets, A Goat, and Baby Chicks.  

WWF is a website where you sponsor an endangered animal.  In return for your sponsorship, you get a stuffy of that animal, a poster of the animal with facts on the back, a certificate, and a bag.  In the class kits you get the stuffy, a poster to hang in your classroom, a certificate, a thank you card with information of the animal on it, and 30 stickers for the students.

Money raised helps the endangered animal you sponsor to be healthy and live longer.

Plan Canada is a charity where you buy different “Gifts of Hope” for people around the world. You can also sponsor a child and send letters to him/her.

Please consider donating or sponsoring a child. You will put a smile on someone's face!

By: Abigale and Taryn

      Grade 5



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