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Pink Shirt Day 2015

On February 25, 2015, Central School went pink to say "Enough" to bullying.

Pink Shirt day was inspired in 2007 after a teen in Nova Scotia was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. A few other boys heard about the incident and organized a pink shirt day in support of the bullied teen. Eight years later, schools, businesses, and governments all recognize the importance of bullying awareness and wear pink the last Wednesday of February.

Led by Grade 5 teacher, Mr. Landry, the Central Pink Shirt assembly was an impressive event. Hundreds of students and staff members were cloaked in pink. When Mr. Landry asked students what they would say if they saw someone being bullied, the students yelled back with a booming "ENOUGH."

Special days call for special performances. On this day, it was a first, a combined performance of Glee and Choir performing Sara Bareilles hit song "Brave".

During the most emotional portion of the assembly, Mr. Landry shared the story of Kyle - a student who graduated valedictorian of his class thanks to the power of one person who believed in him during a low point. At the conclusion of the story, every student stood up with one finger raised symbolizing the power one person has to make a difference.

Perhaps the highlight of the assembly was the entire school joining voice to sing "True Colors".


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