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PowerSchool Gradebook Pilot

PowerSchool Gradebook

Whitecourt Central School is currently participating in a pilot to improve the way we report student progress to parents and guardians. Traditionally, we have issued a report card three times a year with grade information and comments. We believe the technology now exists for us to provide more detailed information, more frequently, on your child’s progress.

What does the Pilot entail?

We have explored our options and have found PowerSchool Gradebook can give parents online access to their child’s progress, 24/7. Teachers are now entering progress information into a secure online website that parents and guardians can login to. To access the parent portal, direct your browser to:   

After creating a parent/guardian account, you can enter a code provided by the school to connect your children to your account. (Contact the school office if you require this code.) Once you are logged in, you can review current information about your child’s attendance and academic progress.

A video walkthrough of the Parent Portal is here:

A screenshot of where to click:

Will the School still issue Report Cards?

As part of the pilot, we are making the transition away from printed report cards issued at the end of the term, and giving parents current, regular, online access. The parent portal currently provides attendance information. We plan to open the Gradebook side of the Parent Portal December 5, 2016.

In addition to online access, we believe we can also offer parents more communication contacts with the teacher through face-to-face meetings, e-mail, telephone, and agenda messages. We have made a commitment as a school to have at least three personal contacts about your child’s progress each term.

As a transitional measure, we issued a paper Progress Report on November 25, 2016.

Is the Progress Report a Report Card?

No. The Progress Report will look different from Report Cards we have sent in the past. The Progress Report is shorter and does not include teacher comments. It provides a quick snapshot of your child’s progress and is intended to serve as a conversation starter that will lead to more detailed information being accessed through the online parent portal and through direct communication with the teacher.

A printed progress report can be requested at any time of the year.

I don’t have internet to access the Parent Portal. How will I know how my child is doing?

We would be happy to provide internet access. Parents and Guardians can connect to our School Internet while in the school. We also have a laptop available for parents and guardians to use.

Teachers are committed to providing three personal contacts each term about your child’s progress through face-to-face meetings, e-mail, telephone, or agenda messages.

Parent / Teacher interviews will still occur at the end of each term. Our next interviews are scheduled for March 23, 2017. Teachers will also schedule a face-to-face meeting, if it is requested, at anytime of the year.

We can also print an up-to-date, paper Progress Report, any time it is requested.

What does Adapt, Apply, Achieve, and Not Yet mean (AD, AP, AC, NY)?

Adapt, Apply, Achieve, and Not Yet are outcome indicators.





Not Yet

I know this well.

I am mastering this.

I can teach this to someone else.

I can do this independently in new situations.

I know this fairly well.

I can do this independently in routine and practiced situations.


I am learning this.

I can do this sometimes, but at times I require support.

I am working toward independence with  this outcome.

I cannot do this yet.

Adapt is the highest level of learning. A student who can take a skill or information and adapt it to other situations has demonstrated mastery of the outcome.

I have more questions or would like to provide feedback.

We would love to talk to you! Please contact your child’s teacher or the school administration.

We decided we would like to participate in this pilot process because we want to help create the most valuable reporting tool for our parents and guardians. We understand that there could be bugs and glitches during the pilot and we appreciate your patience as we work to iron them out. Please do provide frequent feedback during the pilot year to help us develop the reporting tool that fits your needs.

The way we report your child’s progress is changing. We are hoping to leverage the capabilities of PowerSchool Gradebook to give you more frequent and detailed information about your child’s progress. What isn’t changing is our commitment to give your child a rich and supportive learning environment.


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