Student Clubs

Would you like to run a club at Whitecourt Central? Please complete the application found at the school by the club calendars and return it to Mrs. Moir in the office.

Whitecourt Central has an extra-curricular activity for everyone.

Breakfast Club 

Any student can grab a free bite to eat before school in the Community Centre. The breakfast program has a selection of fruit, cereal, toast, yogurt, and oatmeal.


Mrs. Saulit will invite students who like to sing to join the choir prior to performances. The Choir typically performs at assemblies, the Christmas Concert, the Whitecourt Music Festival, and other special events.


Mr. Landry and Ms. Burzinski will invite students to join the Grade 5 Glee, or Grade 4 Glee club. Students in Glee rehearse Thursday at noon recess in the gym. Glee often performs at school assemblies and other special events.

Chess/Checkers Club

For students who like to play chess or checkers.


Every week, students in the recycling club sort the school recycling and set it out for pick-up.

AMA Crosswalk Guard

Students in Grade 5 are invited to be a crosswalk guard. Crosswalk guards help students safely cross the street before and after school.

ACE Leadership Squad

Grade 5 students are invited to apply to the ACE Leadership Squad. ACE leaders are called upon to be Lunch Hour Office Helpers, volunteers at Tennille's Hope Community Kitchen, and volunteers at the Senior's Villa.

Lego Club

For students interested in building with Lego.

Running Club

Our running club trains after school for about 4 weeks before any running events. 

Student Organized Clubs

Students in our school who are passionate about something can approach Mr. Bowman about starting a student-organized club.


Clubs organized this year:

Pokemon Club - In September, Radek and Malachi organized Pokemon gatherings outside at the picnic tables.

Blane's Silent Ball Club - Blane ran a game of silent ball for Gr 3, Gr 4, and Gr 5 on Oct 1, 2, and 5.

Jayden's Chromebook Club - For students who would like extra time on their Chromebook - running Mondays in October.

Gr 3/4 Hockey Club - Kameron, Deegan, and Jamie have a club for those that like to play Floor Hockey - running Wednesdays in October.

Dodgeball - Carter organized dodgeball for the first 40 people to the gym on Thursday lunch recess in November.

Art Club - Every Monday in November, Taylor, Alyssa, and Kelcie shared a new art project.

Writing Club - Kaitlyn and Muskann started our first writing club on Fridays in November.

Skipping/Hula Hoop/Gymanastics - Erin, Kayla, McKenna & Emma organized the club for Gr 3/4 girls.

Gr 3 Games Club - Kaida, Brooklyn & Evelina organized a lunch hour of activities for Gr 3.

Art Gallery Club - Kaylee & Brooke organized an art and craft club and then placed the projects on display.

Gr 3 Soccer Club - Jaystin, Rylan, Jacob, Ethan ran a soccer club on Mondays in February.

Mini-Stick Tournament - Maddox and Owen organized the very popular mini-stick tournament that ran Feb 9-22. 10 teams participated with the Whitecourt Bobcat team emerging with the Gold Medal.

Secret Writing Club - Fallon and Ryann organized a club for learning secret code. The club ran in March for Gr 3 girls.

Scratch Coding Club - Ford is a Scratch expert and he taught others to computer program using Scatch. The club ran on Fridays in April.

Floor Hockey Club - Denis & Daxson organized a lunch recess floor hockey club on Wednesday's during March.

Flag Football - Dryden, Radek, Logan, and Sean organized a lunch hour flag football team. 4 teams of 7 enjoyed learning about football.

Soccer Tournament - Ally, Simon, Zach, & Braiden organized a week long tournament for 8 teams of 6. The winning team won the right to play the staff team. The Bobcat team beat the staff team 5-1!

Chalk Art - Kaylee & Yara organized chalk art outside for a day in June.

Infection Tag - Kael & Cayden decided to organize a lunch recess game of infection tag one day in June. As students were tagged, they grabbed a sticker from the teacher to indicate they were infected.



Last year, students organized activities like:

Gymnastic/Stuntnastic Club


Art Club

Craft Club


MJ's Free Music Club

Mini-Stick Tournament


Gr 3 Floor Hockey

#NoiseForZambia Lunch Time Concert

Rock & Mineral Club


Drama Club

Badminton Club